Human Services Practitioner Bootcamp

Human Services Practitioner Bootcamp

Discover how you can bring value to the lives of others by taking this program. The Human Services Practitioner Bootcamp takes you on a journey through the key competencies you'll need as a Human Services Professional, and the role you'll play in your organization's success.

You'll learn key terms and gain fundamental knowledge and tools to advocate for families. You'll develop interpersonal skills, learn how to resolve conflict, prevent burnout, and build crucial skills every Human Services Practitioner needs to successfully advocate for individuals and families.  

Topics Discussed:  

  • Supporting Families in Need
  • Ethical Practice
  • Planning & Organizing Work
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Burnout Prevention


Time: 31.5 hrs

Technical Requirements: A PC, Mac, Cell Phone, or Tablet with access to the internet

About the Authors

Learn from industry leading practitioners who will inspire you with the best practices to support the individuals in your care. 

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