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Envesti Solutions

We are an independent online discount retailer, offering the highest quality and best prices. We believe serving our customers comes with a responsibility to also actively make sure they are satisfied with their purchase. We strive to be the number one online store, and we commit to making sure every customer is happy.

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Our Vision

Envesti Solutions was built with the determination to add value to everything. We have people on our mind. We wholeheartedly believe people matter! The messages you tell yourself every day will determine whether you succeed or fail. Believe in yourself, because we believe in you.

Our Culture

We firmly believe, if all of us collaborate together, we can accomplish much more, than any one person alone. Therefore, from time-to-time, you may receive notifications about proceeds from your purchases supporting underprivileged children, local non-profits, and childcare agencies.


Envesti Solutions

We believe care workers, including direct service professionals and foster parents, should be properly trained and equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources to successfully navigate challenging situations with the clients in their care.

In alignment with Transformative Learning Theory, we believe adults learn best through critical thinking, reflection, and opportunity for feedback. Learners should have the opportunity to connect with experienced practitioners who can both explain and demonstrate skills to fidelity. In addition, we value competency-based education where students will need to demonstrate proficiency in necessary skills through real world application or simulations. Instructor-led training is not a passive learning experience; rather it is the opportunity to facilitate active learning, where the learner can engage with evidence-based theories and concepts and determine practical use. The goal is to develop individuals who are committed to lifelong learning

Compassion is being touched by the suffering of others and compelled to do something about it.

-Kristin Neff, PhD


Envesti Solutions

Envesti Solutions uses an accelerated, agency-driven, performance-based training solution that aligns training with the organizations strategic plan. The approach segments and organizes the content of training to ensure the greatest impact on an organization’s performance for the least total life cycle costs. It helps to prevent misallocation of resources to training that has little or only peripheral relevance to and impact on the jobs that need to be done.

The process and approach aims at building a total training curriculum with the individual parts that add up to a logical whole within the context of a given job or position. It ensures that all training works together to produce the desired results by providing employees with all the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform.

Envesti Solutions

Training Topics

We recognize every agency has unique needs. Therefore, the list of trainings below is not exhaustive; it simply provides a starting point for us to support your dynamic expectations. Each topic can be customized to meet the challenges encountered by your agency – and converted into eLearning modules that can be uploaded and accessed by your employees online on your network, or through a Learning Management System (LMS).

Building Supervisor Excellence

Child Development

Residential Management

Trauma Specific

Accreditation Maintenance

Envesti Solutions

Commitment To Your Success

Envesti Solutions is committed to rnsuring every learner is properly educated to support the complex needs of youth and families. We commit ourselves to both the learners and the agencies within the child welfare industry.


Envesti Solutions

Committed to ensuring providers are properly trained and developed in accordance with adult learning principles. Envesti Solutions will always explore fiscally responsible options to support the agencies training needs.

Risk Assessment & Monitoring Tools

Envesti Solutions will work with Program Leadership to conduct Performance Analysis and Situational Need Assessments to identify training gaps, and work to create solutions that work in alignment with agency goals. This includes implementation drivers, incident tracking, and monitoring scorecards.

Develop eLearning Modules

The design and development of interactive modules – including storyboarding, graphic design, animation production, functional build development, quality assurance, and project management.

Workforce Development

The Child Welfare and Adolescent Development program allows individuals to examine the child welfare system in a multitude of dimensions. Upon completion of the program, the incumbent will evaluate theories and put into practice the skills to develop trauma-responsive programming to enhance the child welfare sector.

Envesti Solutions

Learning Management System

If you could instantly save 15% or more on your Learning Management System and receive customized content and industry-specific training, would you be willing to reinvest the savings into developing your organizational culture and the therapeutic milieu for your clients?

If your answer is yes, let’s chat, because we have the solution for you!